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An advanced treatment focused on retexturizing & radiance

May Include: Double Cleanse with Steam - Enzyme Exfoliation with Microdermabrasion - Ultrasonic Extractions - Mask - Massage - Ultrasonic Infused Serum - Hydration

First, a double deep steaming-cleans and degreaser, followed by a nectar nutrient-rich enzyme boosted with lactic acid and powerful skin brighteners. After steaming the enzymes on the face-neck-décolleté a resurfacing polishing treatment with the Diamond Dermafile is performed for deeper exfoliation and skin rejuvenation. Next extractions, then an antioxidant watery Vitamin C essence is applied and sealed with a face mask of soothing seaweed extract that delivers lipids, proteins, minerals and vitamins that re-balances, nourishes, hydrates, cell regeneration, detoxifies, purifies, oxygenates and re-mineralizes the skin. While masking a neck and shoulder massage and hot towel compress to effectively reduce stuck stress and tension. Then a customized serum is “pushed” into skin with an Ultrasonic Derma-infuser. Finishing with a nourishing hydrating treatment that is massaged into the skin to insure maximum absorption into the epidermis, oxygenating skin cells and relaxing and softening facial muscles.

*Not recommended for clients with inflamed skin, active acne (can modify facial for some active acne), rosacea, sun/wind burned skin.

**Best done in a series of six treatments, every 4 weeks.

***Discontinue Retin A, alpha hydroxy acids and salicylic acid products 5 days prior to using the Dermafile™ and for 3 days after.


Always use a good SPF30 sun block whenever you are exfoliating your skin.

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