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Fractional Cell Regeneration

FCR Method  - Fractional Cell Regeneration

“Uncompromised Results”


The #1 Treatment in Korean Medi Spas!


Advanced Treatment for Correcting acne, acne scars, pigmentation, enlarged pores, wrinkles & sagging skin!


Fractional Cell Regeneration (FCR) treatment gives you a post laser effect through the unique methodology without application of any aesthetic machines. It is achieved through a simple hand rubbing or tapping technique. FCR treatment is great to reduce acne, acne scar, pigmentation, reduce enlarged pores, improved skin tone and skin elasticity. It can also improve freckles, keratosis pilaris and seborrhoeic skin indications.

It is formulated with 200µm fractional prickles of mineral rich coral calcium to penetrate into dermis and epidermis layer. FCR treatment activates cell regeneration cycle and stimulates the production of collagen. Hence, it helps the skin to have an effective absorption whilst applying good nutrients onto the skin. A series of treatments may be recommended. Must purchase post care.

  • Without any Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) risk.

  • Minimal to significant down time.

  • Safe and effective.

  • Suitable for any skin types.

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