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Dazzling Light

I would like to share how my path to energy healing all started…

I was in my 20's on a mini trip to Desert Hot Springs (not far from Palm Springs) with my mother. We stayed at a beautiful hidden treasure resort, Two Bunch Palms, a place where you can soak in the mineral pools and relax, sun worship pool side, eat wonderful spa cuisine and have fantastic spa treatments. While I was there, I thought I would get a Trager massage. This kind of massage puts you into a deep state of relaxation and connection between practitioner and client. By using gentle rocking and lengthening movements of the client’s body, you can invoke a state of increased relaxation and flexibility. As these rhythmic motions progress, it is thought that deeper states of relaxation can facilitate the release of unhealthy patterns of tension between mind and body at an unconscious level. By teaching the mind to unlearn these patterns of "blockage," the body can also release chronic states of tension and become more flexible with less pain.

Apparently, my massage therapist had a little something else in mind, that I never would have expected, nor will I ever forget, the rest of my life. As she began the Trager massage treatment, she worked my shoulders, head and neck area. It was feeling wonderful and my body was starting to relax, when unexpectedly, she put both of her hands onto my heart chakra and she started to moan! I wasn't sure what was going on or what she was doing, but being only twenty-something years old and in shock, I just laid there.


As I laid there, she kept moaning louder and louder, and I was starting to get a little nervous and that's when a sudden blast of energy came bursting out of my chest (picture rays of sun exploding out of my chest). She even didn't flinch but was still there moaning and the energy felt so tangible, it felt like a flaming rope being pulled out of my chest. And while all this is happening, I was crying, I couldn't stop; and a particular memory came to me. Remembering what I had been carrying with me all these years.


After this emotionally amazing experience subsided, she asked if anything came up for me. I shared with her the memory that had come to me. We talked a little bit about what that could have been and then she had me turn over and lay on my stomach. She noticed I had something spiritually “stuck” in my left wing, on my back. I tried to figure it out and was coming                                                                                   up with all kinds of random childhood memories but she said                                                                                     to me, "Why don't you just lay quiet and let me work on this". I                                                                                   thought, “OUCH! OK... I'll just keep quiet” and she started her                                                                                   work. She mentioned “it” [the stuck-ness] was from a long time                                                                                   ago, perhaps from when I was a baby. Right after she said                                                                                       that her moaning started again! This time it was much louder                                                                                     and more intense than before, and again a sudden a blast of                                                                                     energy comes shooting out of my back, it was scary but I knew                                                                                   she was helping me to release these toxic energies, so I laid t                                                                                     here. She just kept moaning louder and louder, this went on for                                                                                   what seemed like a really long time and all the while, I was                                                                                       crying and crying, I couldn't control myself.


Like before, I had another memory, a sad, life changing memory. It was actually something I knew of [as an adult] but happened when I was a baby, when I never got to express or experience the emotion because of my innocence then, but [the memory] was the emotional memory that I had lost so long ago. I again told her what came to me, overwhelmed with the feeling of loss and releasing the intense sadness I never knew was there, I was experiencing something extraordinary happening to me. My body that day and for part of the next day, had never felt like this ever before. I was so open. I was the opposite of density. I felt like I have never felt before. I felt like I experienced a miracle. I was in amazement.


So my life continued for a while, not knowing what that was, what had happened that day, what it was called and how she did it but it changed my life tremendously. But I realized, it happened for a purpose and it opened me up to help heal others. That day, I knew what my purpose was, I just needed to find my way. It took a few years but I am so grateful to be able to heal others the way I was healed that day near Palm Springs.

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