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VITARAN E Tocopheryl Acetate Serum 30 ml


VITARAN Vitamin E Tocopheryl Acetate Serum

Provides moist and elastic
skin Elasticity filling serum

Delays or prevents skin damage from free radicals

30 ml / 1.01 fl. oz.


· Prevention of fine lines and aging · Prevention of skin keratinization, redness

· Maintain skin brilliance

Excellent antioxidant effect that inhibits the oxidation of
unsaturated fatty acids

Maintains natural radiance by supplying moisture to the
skin and suppressing evaporation


Elasticity filling vitamin E serum

3/ Contains 100% Swiss Vitamin E
Contains 100% Sw iss Vitamin E derivatives from DSM, a global chemical company, and is more effective on
the skin
4/ Antioxidant elasticity serum (wrinkle improvement function)
Tocopheryl Acetate and CS-PDRN improve the damage of the irritated skin, balance the oil and moisture
of the skin, and help the skin wrinkle and elasticity with strong antioxidant effect to make the skin firm.
1/ Contains 7% of Vitamin E derivatives
Prevents skin damage, prevents moisture evaporation, and contains 7% high content of
Tocopheryl acetate, a Vitamin E derivative with excellent antioxidant effect, strengthens the skin
barrier, moisturizes, and makes the skin healthy and elastic. 2/ Nutritious milky formula
It is not a light watery type serum, but a milky serum formula that provides deep moisturizing and a healthy
glow to the skin, helping to make the skin firm by providing abundant nutrition.

5/ Synergistic effect when used with vitamin C products
It plays a role in preventing the oxidation of vitamin C, and when used with vitamin C products, it creates a
surprising synergistic effect to make the skin look healthier and younger.

C S - P D R N
vitality energy and lift up disheveled skin.


** Warning:
∙ Do not use directly on the wounded area.

VITARAN E Tocopheryl Acetate Serum

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