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Finishing clear shape of eye. Eye cream for sensitive skin around eyes, Erasing trace of time


✔Contains microneedle and Raphitox™ ingredients to wake tired eyes and irritate the skin so that the active ingredient can reach the inside of the skin 

✔Adhesion that does not clump or slip even if make up is applied around the eyes after using eye cream 

✔Moisturizing care for wrinkles around the eyes and nasolabial folds that are prone to dryness


✔Time-leap eye cream

- It solves the troubles around the eyes that start aging rapidly after passing 20s. With special production, it contains microneedle’s natural ingredients to tighten and control the sensitive eye areas and nasolabial folds.


✔Procollagen production

- As the skin ages, collagen levels naturally decrease. Therefore, active serum produces procollagen, which is the core of skin elasticity to nurture the skin’s natural strength.


✔Rolling massage

- The rolling function of the eye cream quickly absorbs active ingredients into the dry skin around the eyes. Also, the blood circulation stimulates by massaging the eye area and nasolabial folds with the roller.



✔Skin troubled with wrinkles around the eyes

✔Loss of elasticity of skin



A dense formulation that is gently absorbed into the skin

IDENEL Regenerating Eye Cream