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VITARAN C Ascorbic Acid Cream 30 ml

Brightening Spot Treatment


VITARAN Vitamin C Ascorbic acid Cream

Pure and Powerful
VITAMIN C 30 Cream

★ ★ ★

Overall whitening care such as melanin pigment intensive
management and blemishes.
Protects and improves skin from external stimuli.

30 ml / 1.01 fl. oz.

Helps collagen production to restore smooth skin.
CS-PDRN 과 순수 비타민 C 30%가 함유된 벨벳 타입의 고농축 비타민C 크림으로 활성산소와
오염으로부터 피부를 보호하며, 다크스팟 등 으로 인해 얼룩진 부위를 깨끗하고 환하게 가꾸어

· Powerful Anti-oxidation · Improve Dark spot · Dull skin improvement

** Warning:
∙It is not recommended to use together with vitamin A products as it may cause skin hypersensitivity reactions.
∙There may be stinging after application, but this is a temporary phenomenon that occurs because the PH of the serum is
close to acid and the PH is different from that of the skin.If stinging persists, discontinue use or consult a physician.


High content, highly concentrated vitamin C

Dark spot improvement cream


The highly