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VITARAN C Ascorbic Acid Cream 30 ml

Brightening Spot Treatment


VITARAN Vitamin C Ascorbic acid Cream

Pure and PowerfulVITAMIN C 30 Cream

★ ★ ★

Overall whitening care such as melanin pigment intensivemanagement and blemishes.Protects and improves skin from external stimuli.

30 ml / 1.01 fl. oz.

Helps collagen production to restore smooth skin.CS-PDRN 과 순수 비타민 C 30%

· Powerful Anti-oxidation · Improve Dark spot · Dull skin improvement

** Warning:∙It is not recommended to use together with vitamin A products as it may cause skin hypersensitivity reactions.∙There may be stinging after application, but this is a temporary phenomenon that occurs because the PH of the serum isclose to acid and the PH is different from that of the skin.If stinging persists, discontinue use or consult a physician.


High content, highly concentrated vitamin C

Dark spot improvement cream


The highly concentrated soft velvet texture brightens the skin every day.

1/ High content of 30% pure vitamin C,highly concentrated vitamin creamContains 30% of pure vitamin C to provide a powerful antioxidant effect and a whitening effect that brightens andbrightens the skin.(There may be differences depending on individual skin conditions)2/ Contains 100% British Vitamin CIt is not a commonly used Chinese Vitamin C with a low price,Contains 100% British Vitamin c from DSM, a global chemical company, and works more effectively on the skin.3/ Contains high content of pure vitamin C stabilized in anhydrousformulationWith high content and high-quality Vitamin C, it delivers effective efficacy with just a small amount.(Applicable only to problem areas)4/ Highly concentrated formulation with soft velvety feelIt is a non-sticky, soft formulation, and it gives a moist finish with an immediate feeling of warmth and moisture.High content, highly concentrated vitamin C

Dark spot improvement cream

Dark SpotImprovement

5/ Minimal air contact with Tube containerBy minimizing the contact between the air and the formulation, the efficacy is maintained for a long time, and the areatouched by the hand is minimized for more hygienic use.

VITARAN C Ascorbic Acid Cream

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