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VITARAN A Retinol Serum 30 ml

Anti- Wrinkle Promotes collagen synthesis and prevents elastin damage.

Promote collagen synthesis · Prevent elastin damage · Normalize skin turnover


VITARAN Vitam in A Retinol Serum

CS-PDRN RETINOL non greasy rapidly absorbed Wrinkle improvement serum

Pore shrinkage Skin Vitalization Reinforcement of skin barrier  Wrinkle Improvement Collagen production (wrinkle, elasticity improvement)


Wrinkle Improvement Retinol Serum

3/ Retinol from 100% Germany
100% pure German Retinol from BASF, a global chemical company, is more effective for skin

4/ Improvement of wrinkles and elasticity through skin regeneration
(wrinkle improvement functional serum)
Stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin between skin cells by activating fibroblasts.
1/ Contains 2,500 IU (0.071%) of pure Retinol
A medium-strength retinol serum that can be used comfortably even on sensitive skin.

2/ Stabilization technology
The anhydrous formulation enhances the stability of retinol and maintains the activity of the active ingredient
for a long time.

5/ Synergistic effect of CS-PDRN and Retinol
An advanced elasticity serum that simultaneously provides elasticity and skin self-renewal to deep skin through
the synergistic effect of CS-PDRN and retinol.

Anti aging

** Warning:
∙ Always use a broad-spectrum SPF while using Retinol.
∙ It is not recommended to use together with vitamin C products as it may cause skin hypersensitivity. ∙ If irritation occurs, discontinue, and consult a specialist. For external use only.∙ Retinol is not recommended for those pregnant or nursing; always consult a physician before Anti-Wrinkle using new products.

VITARAN A Retinol Serum

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