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  • Volume(4.8 g x 2 patches) x 5 sets
  • Skin BenefitsSoothing· Moisturizing · Elasticity · Brightening · Wrinkle reducing· UV protection


UV protection and skin care at the same time! The Nice Sun Patch, which is stronger against strong UV rays, has a UVB rate of 98.9%, and when easily attached, it not only blocks UV rays, but also provides nutrition, elasticity, moisture and soothing. It has an ergonomic heart shaped design that fits snugly on the curves of the face, so you can easily use it for outdoor activities.

How to useView/hide

The wide patch fits around the cheekbones and the narrow patch fits around the eyes. When you want to stop using it, gently peel it off from the edge. Please attach the sun patch before using sunscreen or after the product has been fully absorbed.

NICE SUN PATCH - with Exosomes

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