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A recovery cream that fills sufficient nutrition into skin to tighten and soothes the skin barriers.


✔Soothes skin and strengthens elasticity by containing the most vital plant rock samphire ingredient found in the ocean 

✔Recover damaged skin from UV rays and external stimuli 

✔A high-density, high-moisturizing cream that fills the skin’s lack of nutrients with just one layer 

✔Enhances skin elasticity by containing peptide complex


✔Contains ingredients of Rock Samphire

-It is a wild plant that thrives in harsh conditions such as high salinity in the cliffs or crevices of rocks on the coast under the harsh sea breeze. It solves the deep wrinkles and fine lines of the skin at once and gives it tight elasticity.


✔Skin soothing care

As the skin ages, collagen levels naturally decrease. Therefore, active serum produces procollagen, which is the core of skin elasticity and nurtures the skin’s natural strength.


✔Anti-aging cosmetics

Contains IDENEL’s core anti-aging ingredients to care for not only fine lines on the skin but also deep wrinkles. In addition, it contains whitening functional ingredients to give a clear and bright skin tone.



✔Dried dead skin

✔Skin that wants moisturizing



High-concentration, high-density type, soft formulation


The Anti-Aging Miracle from the Sea: Meet Rock Sea Samphire.. The Miracle Ingredient found in Idenel’s Repair Cream!

What Does Sea Samphire Do?

Because sea samphire is so plentiful, it is also sustainable in the use of food, herbal medicine, and even skincare! (Keep reading for some awesome news!)

Historically, sea samphire has been used in salads, as an asparagus-like vegetable, and even as a tea! It’s great for your digestive system and contains a healthy dose of iodine, flavonoids, and Vitamin C. Sea samphire was even used to treat scurvy at one point!

Being the superhero that it is, sea samphire also has healing effects on skin!

Just like retinol—which is a derivative of Vitamin A (a fat-soluble, synthesized vitamin) that is found in many anti-aging non-natural skincare products—sea samphire has anti-aging properties that help skin elasticity, reduce redness to improve tone, and soothe skin as inflammation is reduced. Even with its healthy skin rejuvenation powers, retinol can cause irritation and skin sensitivity and isn’t suggested for those who are pregnant or have sensitive skin. However, sea samphire is a natural skin-soothing substance that is safe for all skin types and friendly for those who are pregnant for a win all-around. It's important to understand that sea samphire has no structural resemblance to retinoids and is not a sea-version of retinol, but rather a botanical active that functions as an anti-bacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, potent form of non-synthetic Vitamin A, and more.

IDENEL Repair Cream

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