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The first step of skin elasticity, fills moisture from the inside of skin.


✔Moisture with 836,800ppm small particles of hydrolyzed collagen water 

✔Repair damaged skin from UV and external stimuli 

✔Improves deep and fine wrinkles by containing key anti-aging ingredients 

✔Boosting toner to help the next step of absorption by soothing tired skin from external irritation and stress


Luxurious design
- The design combines the white and gold of the balancing toner makes you feel like you are high-end aesthetic. You can feel free from stresses and enjoy the time only for yourself.


The key to moisturizing, collagen water

- It contains 836,800ppm Super Collagen Water to lift the skin firmly. In addition, it is a lightweight, small particles of hydrolyzed collagen water that is quickly absorbed into the skin and acts as a boost.


Double functional cosmetics

- Contains IDENEL's core anti-aging ingredients to care for not only fine lines on the skin but also deep wrinkles. In addition, it contains whitening functional ingredients to give a clear and bright skin tone.



✔Loss of elasticity of skin

✔Sensitive skin

✔Dried dead skin



Light and refreshing water-type body

IDENEL Balancing Toner

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