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High-performance serum that instantly brightens dry and dull skin by improving blood circulation and activates turnover cycles.


✔Contains microneedle and Raphitox™ ingredients to improve skin blood circulation due to micro-irritation 

✔Enhances skin self-renewal ability by intensively supplying anti-aging ingredients to aging skin with its own core technology 

✔Procollagen production in the skin to provide elasticity and vitality every day



✔Applicable microneedles, Raphitox™ contained

-Raphitox™ contains over 8 million microneedles in 1 gram, causing micro-irritation to the skin. This activates the skin’s turnover cycle, softening the tone and texture of the skin.


✔Procollagen production

-As the skin ages, collagen levels naturally decreases. Therefore, active serum produces procollagen, which is the core of skin elasticity, and nurtures the skin’s natural strength.


✔Anti-aging cosmetics

-Contains IDENEL’s core anti-aging ingredients to care for fine lines and deep wrinkles. In addition, it contains whitening functional ingredients for a clear and bright skin tone



✔Skin that started aging

✔Skin that needs blood circulation



Highly concentrated, but refreshing, thin formulation

IDENEL Active Serum

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