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The DermaDisc™ is a non suction home microdermabrasion device that uses gentle vibration and a convex diamond tip disc to remove the top layer of dead skin cells leaving the skin smooth and bright.  No suction means no broken cappilaries or weakend elasticity! Comes with 2 Exfoliating Tips: Fine and Medium 1 Smooth Tip for cooling and calming the skin!


Use the DermaDisc on clean, dry skin. Start with the fine disc and work up to using the Medium disc. Dermadisc can be used every 7 to 10 days.


To replace batter DO NOT TWIST THE TOP OF THE DEVICE. Only twist the BOTTOM of the device to replace batteries.


This device is hand assembled in the U.S. in California! Unfortunately due to this small batch process we are unable to accept returns on this device. 



DermaDisc Exfoliator

$395.00 Regular Price
$316.00Sale Price


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