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PN Cell DNA Mask 

10 in a box



Purified water, aloe vera leaf extract, mechil propandiol, glycerin, 1,2-hexandol, Beta-in, benzyl glycol, ammonium acryl low-chil methyl tau rate / Vpico polymer, fiji-60 hydrogeneid caster oil, fish vinegar extract, sambaek cho extract, licorice extract, green tea extract, tung madi extract, aleaf extract, gold and silver extract, side white leaf extract, birch leaf extract, echil hexylole glycerin, algespan, cabomer, mineral salt, mineral, mineral Sodium dien ai, spices, hydration dglai cosaminoglycans, zanthane gum, depotasium glycishijit, raspberry ketone, adenosine, lysine, histidine, aspartic assia D, Treonin, Serin, Glutamate, Proline, Glaicin, Alanine, Valin, Mechionin, Isoryucine, Leucine, Tyrosine, Phenylalanine, Cysteine

BR Pharm PN Cell DNA Mask - 10

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