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[AMPOULE repair powder and SERUM brightening drop]

AMPOULE repair powder 2ml/0.07 fl.oz (5 vials)

Freeze-dried powder Exosome formulated for sensitive skin, enhancing skin's moisture balance performance.

SERUM brightening drop (Skin-brightening) 30ml / 1.01 fl.oz.

Concentrated brightening face serum to help brighten, evens the skin tone, and promotes a healthier complexion.

Ampoule Repair Powder (Freeze-dried human umbilical cord blood cell conditioned media to be preserved at its freshest it at its freshest) mixed with Serum Brightening Drop restores and reinforces damaged skin from deep within, instills vitality, and provides healthy glow.

Powder & transparent essence formula before blending, A milky & translucent essence formula after blending.


Open AMPOULE repair powder and fill serum brightening drop up to the top marked line.

Put the white rubber cap on, and shake well to mix thoroughly.

Squeeze out desired amount and gently spread over the face.

Use the mixed product in 1 week.

BeneStem Program: pair repair