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The Optimum Anti-Aging Detox Treatment 

Let your skin breath again!

May include: A double steam cleanse - Light exfoliation with extractions - Acoustic lymphatic drainage - Trans-Dermal Cell Salt Infusion with LED Light - Therapy & resurfacing - This is where your skin is deeply nourished with Minerals

An Advanced Opti-Resurfacing Treatment:

Let Celtic mineral salts (over 82 minerals plus trace minerals) and a variety of nourishing ingredients feed your skin at the deepest level while a proprietary blend of powerful ingredients cause changes in your skin as all the dead skin falls off!! Benefits include lifting pigmentation, removing dead skin cells, increasing cellular turnover, boosting hydration levels all leaving you feeling smooth as a baby’s bottom and glowing-for-it!


A customized mask for what your skin needs. 

Ending with Electroporation, a technology that penetrates concentrated actives deep into your skin! 


Also in this treatment the epidermal surface layers of the skin are removed without creating any trauma.

The synergistic action of the ingredients work to improve the skin deep within the pores revealing brighter smoother softer less congested skin. 

This allows the skin to breathe with a healthy glow! You will literally feel lighter!!

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